Printing Polo

Last week, our school put us on yet another exiting mission. They wanted us to shuffle through our drawers and find an old idea that would be fun to actually make in real life. We stubbled upon an simple idea we once had involving the well known Polo mint aka. 'The Mint with The Hole'.

Our idea was to create a new kind of Polo mint formed in the shape of a cross. That way it would be possible to engage in a good ol' game of tic-tac-toe with your Polo mints.
In order to follow through with this idea, we needed to create the cross-shaped Polo mint. To help us with that we got our hands on a 3d printer. So after modelling the actual mint, we set it to print and crossed our fingers.


This was our first result


Needless to say we needed to change a few things.
Second attempt was much what we were looking for.


After a few hours of printing, we were finally able to have a game of tic-tac-toe.

Frederik VoetmannComment